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I wrote my Who Am I? ~ The Perfect Moments Edition over three years ago and since then I’ve had two more perfect moments to happen that should be added to what I originally shared with you all. These moments happened fairly close together and oddly enough (or not) they both happened with Donovan.

The first moment happened last December. I had gone up to visit Donovan for a night. Before I left the next day we went to Stillwater, MN to putz around. It had been the Saturday before Christmas and for that time of year it was actually pretty decent out. We spent the late morning/early afternoon walking around to the various antique shops. It was fun; he likes antiquing just as much as I do. I told him I was on the lookout for old wooden boxes to buy. I do believe I told him I wasn’t willing to spend a lot of money on them, but every box he brought to show me was almost always expensive. After we got tired of antiquing we went to a little restaurant for lunch. While we were there Santa came in. He talked to all the kids in the place and every adult, he shook their hand. A bit after he left a bunch of carolers came in and sang a few songs. It was pretty neat. I look back on that day and it was just perfect.

The second moment happened last January when I again went and visited Donovan. The last night I was there we just stayed in. We decided to watch Psych from the beginning. We drank, a lot, and played different card games. He, for the record, is a sore winner (holy hell does he know how to gloat). There is not much to say about that night, but we could have another night doing that exact same thing or something similar and it’ll never compare. It was just perfect.
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You guys, this is going to be short and sweet.

I wrote my Love v2 Edition back in July 2011. Sadly, nothing has really changed since I wrote that. I've spent the majority of the past two years single with a couple of very short-lived relationships. Those relationships didn't really teach me anything other than that I'm still very good at picking the wrong guys to date. Way to go me.

I am still looking. Giving up still isn't in my nature. I still believe that I will find what I am looking for. Yep, I still have a wall up. But, I will say I'm a lot more open to taking it down. I just need to find someone worthy enough for me to do that. And what I wrote in my first edition is still so very, very true:

I may not believe in the happy ever after that little girls believe in. Or even the happy ever after the less jaded believe in. But I do believe in a happy ever after that has love and while it may be hard it will be very, very much worth it in the end. After everything, I deserve that.

Though, of course, my favorite quote about love is still this:

Love is a perky elf dancing a merry little jig and then suddenly he turns on you with a miniature machine gun. ~ Matt Groening

Only because love hasn't been anything but something like that for me in a very long time.

Now, this edition has been titled v3.1 and that is because I reserve the right to update the Love Edition to v3.2 before another two years have passed if anything has changed. If nothing changes before another two years have passed, keep an eye out for my Love v4 Edition. :)


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