Dec. 31st, 2012

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These are some of the moments in horse racing that I consider top moments. :)

1. I'll Have Another wins the Kentucky Derby. This is a top moment for me for two reasons. First, I'll Have Another showed, to some, just how good of a racehorse he could be. And secondly, the race showed just how good of a racehorse Bodemeister was. He out-sprinted the sprinter to get the lead right off the bat and set insanely fast fractions - some of the fastest fractions seen in years in the Kentucky Derby. And yet, he damn near ran away with the race.

2. I'll Have Another wins the Preakness Stakes. His critics said after the Kentucky Derby that he wouldn't be able to win the Preakness Stakes. It was a shorter race and this time Bodemeister would set more reasonable fractions. No way I'll Have Another beats Bodemeister. Wrong. I'll Have Another wins and does finally convince pretty much everyone he is a very good racehorse.

3. Alpha wins the Travers in a dead-heat with Golden Ticket. Everyone said Alpha didn't have a chance to win. The weight he would have to carry was too much for a small horse such as himself. He proved them wrong. :) One of the most exciting finishes this year.

4. Royal Delta wins the BC Distaff (Ladies' Classic) for the second year in a row. One of the very few horses to win back-to-back BC Distaffs.

5. Shortly after the race, a loud ovation could be heard from the grandstand. The natural assumption was that it was for I'll Have Another returning to the winner's circle. But a glance up the stretch revealed that the ovation was for none other than the peerless pony himself, Lava Man, who was heading down the stretch to wait for his buddy. Enough said. :)


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